• We use only Premium Alberta beef

  • We use only the freshest ingredients

  • We can accommodate most food allergies

  • Call (780) 842-4094 to reserve your table

Our menu draws inspiration from Alberta, America and Great Britain to recreate different dishes for the discerning Albertan palate.  All of our soups, salads, sauces, and dips are hand-made as well as our traditional hand-battered Fish & Chips, or our famous Boneless Chicken Wings which are fresh wings deboned by hand...we could go on, but you're getting the idea that we take a lot of extra time to make sure you are getting the meal you deserve...fresh and satisfying. 

We only use high quality Alberta Beef for our juicy and tender top-selling steak selection, which includes our classic Flat Iron Steak Sandwich and is our best selling item on the menu.  Just like all our other items it is totally guaranteed to satisfy your taste and hunger.

Our desserts are created from the finest ingredients...the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We believe that freshness and quality starts at the kitchen door, so every raw ingredient we recieve is carefully inspected to ensure that our guests receive a quality product.  Our vegetables are always fresh and our steaks are handcut to our exacting specifications and arrive fresh twice weekly.

Every day our chefs are hard at work preparing daily lunch and dinner features to satisfy those of you who know our menu like the back of your hand.

Cleanliness and your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.  Constant in-house inspections as well as Provincial inspections can put your mind at ease that we take your health very seriously. 

We try to use products that are locally purchased including our canola oil and the meat we use in our sausages and burgers comes from our butcher just down the road.  We haven't used Trans Fats in our cooking or Frying since 2001 and there are no products with added MSG in them.

We are very proud of our food, but we also think that food is just one layer to satisfying your tastes.  We feel that flavours blossom when you combine the right food with the right wine or beer and we have gone to great lengths to personally select all beers and wines to please any palate. Great food, great drink, great friends and great times. All designed with you in mind.  We make your comfort our commitment.